Looking For Group

LFG: Session 3

A Tale of 2 Tamils

Game Date: 7/6/2013
Campaign: Looking For A Group, Session 3
System: D&D Next / 5e Playtest
DM: Rusty

Flip (Trevor) – Halfling Rogue
Keyleth Siannodel (Matt) – Elf Druid
Tamel (Andrew) – Elf Ranger
Zuul (Graham) – Half-Orc Paladin

The Session:
I missed the last session. I’m told we hired a couple of new characters and cleared out the first level of the mansion. We were unable to open one magically-sealed door, so we headed back to town.

We reported our progress to Clifton Caldwell, the mansion’s owner. Finding herself short on help, Keyleth brought on more new party members. She set out for the mansion with Flip, Tamel, Zuul, and a wizard we hired to open the door for us. The final room had a trap door, which we opened and descended to the basement. Once we were at the bottom of the stairs, the trap door disappeared behind us, turning into a solid ceiling.

An elf approached us and asked for our help finding a relic. Naturally we were suspicious, and besides, we had a job to do. When we refused to come with him, he offered to show us another exit. We didn’t trust him, so we tied him up and took him with us while we explored the level. The next room we entered contained a couple of cultists. We thought about trying diplomacy, but our Half-Orc Paladin failed his Charisma check, and they went on the offensive. The cultists kicked things off with a sleep spell, immediately taking Tamel and Flip out of the fight.

In bear form, Keyleth rushed in and attacked, failing to impress them by rolling 1’s and 2’s for the next three rounds. But when she finally hit, it was a good one. Once the cultists were dead, we went to revive our sleeping companions. We quickly discovered Tamel was missing, along with our elf captive. A few minutes later, Tamel came walking around the corner. Shortly after that, another Tamel came walking around the corner, this one accusing the first Tamel of being an imposter.

We attacked the closest one, initially just trying to restrain him but doing more damage when he fought back. When we finally knocked him unconscious, he reverted to his natural form, revealing him to be a doppelganger. We continued exploring the basement, dragging the tied-up doppelganger with us. We found one room with some giant wasps, but skipped it for now. We also found a couple of empty rooms, and one with a lock that we could not pick.

A few rooms later, we opened a door to find a gelatinous cube. We shut the door on it and decided to deal with that later. In another area, we fought four humans. Afterwards, we found a lot of coins and our paladin looted a nifty new sword. Unfortunately, during the fight/looting, the doppelganger managed to slip his bonds and sneak away. In the next room, we fought three hobgoblins, killing them before they had much chance to react. On one of their corpses we found a key that hopefully fits the door we passed earlier. We ended the session there.

Next session we’ll probably start by trying our key in that locked room. If we’re truly to do our job thoroughly, we also need to kill the gelatinous cube and the wasps. We’ll need to be wary of more ambushes from the doppelganger. And of course, we also need to find an exit, seeing as how our trap door has wandered off.



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